Corporate Responsibility

We stay current with sustainability practices that increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and improve a property’s long term value.


Oppenheimer Development Corporation’s (ODC) management and maintenance team is focused on sustainable business practices ensuring each project meets the highest green building and environmental performance measures. ODC is a partner with Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, BetterBricks, Green Steps and Idaho Power to ensure all of the properties are operating at maximum efficiencies, while constantly reviewing and monitoring each property’s performance to create more efficient methods of operating while not jeopardizing tenant comfort or satisfaction. ODC leverages its experience and partnerships providing recommendations for potential equipment upgrades with full analysis on present value pay-backs, potential rebate options, life-cycle costs, etc. to achieve these maximum efficiencies. All of ODC’s property management and maintenance staff have been trained on best-practice initiatives for optimal building performance and tenant satisfaction.


People – People First! Everything Else Follows.

We work hard to develop respectful, collaborative relationships and meet shared goals.

Action – Take Action.
We are passionate entrepreneurs and execute with a sense of urgency and a strong will to win. We take calculated, informed risks to fuel creativity and innovation.

Curiosity – We are Lifelong Learners.
We maintain our edge and energy by feeding our curiosity. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture that welcomes new ideas and perspectives. We believe in growth for our customers and associates.

Ethics – Do the Right Thing. Period.
We do the right thing in our business and our community, even when no one is looking.

! Make Your Mark – Have Fun and Make Your Mark, Dang it!
We get excited about what we do, we enjoy the process and recognize that enthusiasm and engagement are contagious. We relish opportunities to laugh, to be a tad irreverent, and to play hard along the way.


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