Property Management

Oppenheimer Development Corporation (ODC) is selective and strategic when it comes to asset and property management clients.  We are extremely client focused with extraordinary customer service.  We partner with clients to achieve long-term optimal asset and property management and the creation of defined strategic plans resulting in successful portfolios.

We provide a complete and comprehensive range of property management services, customized to fit the needs of our clients.  These services include full financial management and property accounting, lease administration, building operations management and maintenance, tenant relations, service contracts management and vendor oversight. 

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • Maintaining highest standards and exceeding expectations of Owners, Clients and Tenants
  • Prepare and maintain, in accordance with customary business practices and the latest technology, accurate records timely financial reporting, management, care and operation of the Project.
  • Invoice and collect rental and other  revenue including parking, vending machines, utilities, taxes, tenant improvements, insurance, operating cost escalations (if applicable) and any other Common Area or Project costs on a timely basis.
  • Compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances.
  • Maintain a complete and accurate listing of all tenants, reflecting location, square footage occupied and any unusual requirements including utilities, maintenance, janitorial services, remodeling and after-hours access.
  • State of the art environmental services to maximize certification potential and optimize operating costs.
  • Budgeting, operating expense reconciliation, property tax audit & appeal.

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